Beautiful Women's Clothing at a Reduced Price

Come by our women's consignment shop in Quincy, IL

Some say it might be hard to look good on a budget. At Jeanne's, we respectfully disagree! It's easy to find great pieces of high-quality clothes right here at our shop!

At our women's clothing boutique in Quincy, you can find incredible deals on stylish and fashionable pieces of clothing. We carry a grand selection of clothes for all shapes and sizes so you everyone is ahead of the game for the upcoming season.

Searching for a new style? Come to Jeanne's for skirts, tops, cardigans, dresses and chic flats.

Our promise to you

At Jeanne's, we only accept high-quality, name brand women's clothes. Their fashion and appeal have to be current. You won't find any out-of-style or outdated clothes here. We make sure that everyone who comes into our store will leave with a trendy, and most importantly, stylish new wardrobe.

When you're ready to break from your old fashion choices - without breaking the bank - come by Jeanne's Shoppe in Quincy, IL!